Cave In (rp)


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Perhaps the way the universe planned it to be
She discovered me randomly
Crossing her path, overdosed on reality
And now I’m stumbling over fantasies
Of her butterscotch skin and cognac eyes
Snatching my sobriety when she showed me that smile
While I’m on this mind trip
Riding on my brakes because I know I might slip, and accelerate
Rush into tomorrow while barely stepping out of yesterday
I know… it’s best to make the most of the present
And in unwrapping her identity, I got so close to heaven
I had to check my pulse for a second
How we had so much in common
Our conversations were poetry, rhyming
Lines that I tight-roped, trying not to fall… between
Not because my chances of getting caught were weak
I mean, after all, her existence was hard to believe
I’ve seen many angels but they never bothered with me
Never gave me that slow dance I wildly craved
So as our bodies embraced and melodically swayed
In and out of my imagination
I hope she didn’t witness my erotic inclinations
Because I was thinking
Maybe if forever only lasted the rest of the night
That I got the chance to go deep, so deep I touched her next life
Though she’s TOO perfect, probably a ruse
The universe is
Pulling on me
And I’m choosing to cave in
Because never have I seen
Such a beautiful hallucination



On Interstate 10


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In another universe

You were her

My Misses

Got married in Texas and honeymooned out in Venice


They call it ‘The Floating City’; drift with me

Feel forever in the breeze

Let’s never hit the ground

Plant seeds in the clouds 

And raise something out of this world 

The odds manifestation follows these words

I know not

Still, that won’t stop

Me from gifting you something deeply true

Beneath the roots


Ever since I learned of love, I’ve been seeking you.


S.O.S. Cage


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You’re the Reva to this Luke Cage

Old memories flood new days

And always suffocate new flames 

I love to hate this bulletproof thing I got for you

Can’t deny the truth 

But damn! 

The cross I bear just got another nail 

Jeez. Us? It would take more than screws to fix 

Like a Judas, drill in everyone’s head you didn’t issue the hit


Hard Liqour


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Only thing harder than getting over you
Is the liquor I’m going through
Shots I’m quick to reload and shoot
At memories roaming the room between my ears
No need to seek sympathy from peers
I’m a man, and let them tell it, I don’t need to feel
Say my bed is half-empty; I just need a refill
Maybe a Bahama Mama instead of this fireball
I’m drinking hell to melt an icy heart
Truth swims upstream to the shores of these pages
To be honest, something’s got a hold of me lately
These spirits can have controlling behaviors
If nothing is ever clear, how I’m supposed to see straight when
The reason you left is blurry
Day-drinking ain’t my cup of tea; I sip under the moon’s shine
And peace rarely comes behind snoozing eyes
My dream girl, you make for rude awakenings
A true queen, you made a king bow to you
So it’s only right I drown in crown to find the truth
Behind why your throne is vacant
Went harder than this liquor thinking we’re supposed to make it
Even when on the rocks, we would float on cravings
To get it right, even if we had to stretch the night
Sweat it out til the morning after
Magicians, how we turned problems into passion
Tell me: what’s more sobering than absence
Empty bottles leave me with more questions than answers
Still under the influence even when I let go
And I’m too headstrong to give Jesus the wheel
After all, his Pops is the reason you appeared
Read what I’ve been writing, blessed it with life
Maybe had a second thought
This is the third time I’ve headed to bars
With your exit the cause; no regrets on my part
They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never at all
I just hope it was real for u as it was for me
Even though I hear your ring finger is hugged by bling
I’d say congrats, but my mouth’s full of patròn
But I’m sure I’ll tell you when this bottle is gone.


hey island girl. an excerpt. freestyle.


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forgive me
this is difficult
but this simple dude is digging you
and I didn’t want to miss my move
even ditched my nerves; this isn’t typical
nor is the way you make my pen move
the way your hips do
all that dancing in cursive
has my ink splashing verses
on these sheets, maybe one day on your walls
my graffiti on Banksy; these hieroglyphics
on your soul are set-in-stone intentions
from my own; my attention whispers ‘where you from?’
while vibing to the rhythm of your tongue
mind requesting it do a duet with mine
your repartee has a homeland zest I like
got a starving heart asking ‘can I get a bite’