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Dear You,
I might sound like a stalker at first
The way I’ve followed your verse
I’ve ended up out of this world
Looking for the star you’re calling your home
I left my space suit back there
On earth; so you know it’s real
First time I heard you, I took my last breath
Saw you, and my lungs refilled
Super powers of a supermodel; you’re with them
I believe
To call this love ‘galore’ is cheating
It; selling short
This thing so strong, it teleports
Me to the altar
We walk from to a new life for us to begin
As two doves in the wind
A fly girl soaring with me
So fly, even Drew Barrymore attended
Watched us promenade
Where the sky meets space
I fell in love with you over the weekend
Watching Martin reruns while you screamed ‘Go Gina’
‘Go Gina’
Voice so sweet; does
your garden taste like that?
Hope you like when I say it like dat
In a room full of broken clocks, time is our friend
And I’ll do anything for you and I to not end
Even when things get wavy, we’ll ride till they’re still
Because you’re far from normal, girl; you should know
I got half a mind to give you pretty little birds
About 20 something of them
Trust we’ll make it work
I could promise I won’t lose control….

…. Looks like I already am, tho.