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It’s only partially explainable
And that’s a deed I’m not really ashamed to do
Admit, rather
Half the time I prefer to skip the chit chatter
Get a handle
On your hips, quickly snatch you
Wrestle the words off your lips with
My own; heartbeat signaling submission
Hoping your attention lowers to what’s lifting
Pushing on inhibitions, buttons, and zippers
To pin down any attitude, having you tap out when it slips in
A distance
I can tell is new to you
Deeper than our convo, touching the truest you
Relax, baby, let me make a monsoon of you
Instead; it ain’t gotta be a one-time thing– get a quintet
One for every ocean in this wet
Whether or not it becomes reality is a guess to me
Just know it’s on my mind whenever we