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Red and blue lights color the rear view
And THIS time, I know there’s no crime I did do
No broken tail light, no warrants
Wasn’t driving formidable
But my hands are now at 10 and 2
Submitting sooner than I’d like to
But when these people see empty palms, they’re most likely to shoot
Tell me what’s the right move…..
I’d rather put up my dukes
But bringing fists to a gunfight is stupid
And bringing clear cut evidence to trial is useless
Last time I was clueless
Cuffed in the back of the wagon, pride at war with mind
Witnessing them molest my car before my eyes
Knowing they’re not bound to find any paraphernalia
The only pine I had was a brand new freshener
But I could smell the police issued bullets hungry for my flesh
I could smell the tears my family ain’t cried yet
I could smell my unborn child’s hair
I could smell the wood of the casket I’d be boxed in
I inhaled the air that left the room when the judge said ‘not guilty’
And it drugged me
Fight or flight are my alternatives
But the officer cut my wings with a sharp misjudgment
When you know their directions can still lead to pearly gates
And resistance will only hurry that fate
When your survival is no longer your decision
Unsure if the God you prayed to truly listened
What do you do??? What y’all proposing???
Hurry with the answer… the officer’s approaching….