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My mind is your runway
And all your selfies are cover page
Breaking news beauty
To die for, but I had to break the noose
I can’t trust a heaven that let this angel loose
To party in my cardiac
I like the way you move
Winding your body, intertwining my mind with
My love below
I ponder the parts of you you’re nervous to show
To make you blush without the brush’s support
Have your lips stick to mine, hoping it lasts forever
And I don’t see a need for you to mask errors
Or whatever you call them
It doesn’t matter to me
Even when your face ain’t made up, you’re my fantasy
Whether you’re dreaming, cooking, or dressing, my admiration follows
Like I have a staring problem
Y equals your mind plus your laugh, your sass, your face, that…
Your geometry is my pupils’ favorite class
And I do all my work by hand
Exploring your land
Diving in your ocean and journeying to your mountain’s peak
Your geography is art to me, a sight to see
Retouched, you’re nice, but your homegrown is magic
You’re a 9.9 when we paint the town then a 10.2 the morning after
You have my eyes, and I couldn’t take em off you if I wanted em back
Ask me if I have a staring problem
And my response will be