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Fantasies so inappropriate
Even though I can only make them rhyme, I still hope for them
Since I’m sick of love yet lovesick
I bet my life, the antidote’s in your lips
Maybe holding your hips
In a staring contest
Afraid you’ll disappear if I don’t get the win
So every time I blink I’m securing my grip
Cuz these titanic feelings are ill-fated
Didn’t hit an iceberg, but they still sank in
To the floor of my cardiac
Torn in half
Never to be in cahoots again
In this lifetime; it’s a beautiful twist
I’m hungry for relations without ruining the ship
Fill you with me just one time
While we’re tongue tied
Bruising your peach till your nectar runs dry
And the memory of me is your sunrise
On a dark day
I know I’m illin’, but I got that feeling, that’s word to Marvin Gaye
And you’re the prescription wrote for it
Your mind and your body, sans your heart
I know I can’t have your all
But I’d sure appreciate a dose of it.