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A stranger today, my baby tomorrow
Wifey next month, a year later, a mama
Talk about moving fast…
I got a heart of stone
So I love hard and have trouble falling slow
Plus when it comes to courtship, I play for keeps
Hell, I don’t even suit up if it ain’t for a ring
And our minutes don’t get seconds, so why waste any time going in circles
I’ll be straight with you
This ain’t serendipity, but déja vu
I waited so long, like forever and a day times two
To say hi to you
I had to break my rules
So if I seem off the chain… blame God and you
I’m still growing and the struggle is real taming these feelings
I think about you when I ain’t even thinking
There are some nights I’d rather daydream than sleep and
I heard it took a week to create the beginning
You have a smile that says ‘let there be light’
And it’ll flash on my mind till my exodus arrives
Because I’m an overlover
If it’s still hard to tell, then I hope to show ya