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Perhaps the way the universe planned it to be
She discovered me randomly
Crossing her path, overdosed on reality
And now I’m stumbling over fantasies
Of her butterscotch skin and cognac eyes
Snatching my sobriety when she showed me that smile
While I’m on this mind trip
Riding on my brakes because I know I might slip, and accelerate
Rush into tomorrow while barely stepping out of yesterday
I know… it’s best to make the most of the present
And in unwrapping her identity, I got so close to heaven
I had to check my pulse for a second
How we had so much in common
Our conversations were poetry, rhyming
Lines that I tight-roped, trying not to fall… between
Not because my chances of getting caught were weak
I mean, after all, her existence was hard to believe
I’ve seen many angels but they never bothered with me
Never gave me that slow dance I wildly craved
So as our bodies embraced and melodically swayed
In and out of my imagination
I hope she didn’t witness my erotic inclinations
Because I was thinking
Maybe if forever only lasted the rest of the night
That I got the chance to go deep, so deep I touched her next life
Though she’s TOO perfect, probably a ruse
The universe is
Pulling on me
And I’m choosing to cave in
Because never have I seen
Such a beautiful hallucination