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I’m a sucker for pain, what can I say
if there’s nothing to risk, what’s there to gain
no matter the choices I make, it seems like trouble will chase
and I’m not about running away, unafraid to turn to the fray
I’ve learned that struggle breeds strength
So I’m the moth that flutters to flame
Maybe because the heat from the fire doesn’t dissuade
Or maybe that’s just how bad I need a little lovin’ today
And can someone explain why melanin equates to justice delayed
Sounds like bad math– we need another equation
for this tumultuous nation, such a pro with its hatred
only the tough could sustain here where they’re stubbornly slain
even though we encourage the same when it’s at our own color we aim
so we’re just as insane and we suffer in shame
yeah I’m my brother’s keeper with no need for dungeons or chains
they destroyed our home but we loan ourselves to the wars that they wage
are we all suckers for pain


sucker for pain